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Easy Illustrated eBooks – The Simple System Used To Produce Illustrated eBooks For Amazon's Kindle. Easy Illustrated eBooks is a system so simple that you can build a complete portfolio of products very quickly. Books that will sell for years to come. These books will never go out of date. Mention adding illustration to eBook and many people will head for the hills because they imagine you need the graphic skills of Leonardo De Vinci or the talent of a Disney artist. What Is Easy Illustrated eBooks? Did you know that there are more digital books now sold on Kindle, and other eReading devices than are sold as traditional print books? Just a few years ago this opened up amazing opportunities for the home publisher or author to provide content for this new medium. This was and remains a ravenous buyers market. It was very simple in the beginning; it was easy to sell sub standard publications on Kindle. But a few years ago there was a change, eBooks came of age and the quality of the books sold on Kindle (and elsewhere) improved enormously. The biggest change was Amazon were now offering quality Illustrated Ebooks and the sales went into the stratosphere and remain there today. It was a sit up and take notice moment, you see there was a massive market for very simple Illustrated eBooks that were not only easy to produce but also looked amazing. Amazon made it super simple for anyone to produce quality books by providing all the guidance and tools necessary to produce quality books first time every time. But there was a much simpler way of producing quality books. Ones that could be produced in just a few hours instead of days or weeks, so that you could build a complete portfolio of books in just a few days. So Robert Corrigan & Steve King worked hard and developed a very easy method of producing these books in an ordinary word processor using specially designed templates templates formatted for a wide range of Kindle devices. It is Easy Illustrated eBooks!!! Inside “Easy Illustrated eBooks” Robert Corrigan & Steve King will show you the markets that are just ripe for the plunder and ALSO how to find your own lucrative markets in the Amazon marketplace. Easy Illustrated eBooks Review Everything You will learn inside Easy Illustrated eBooks: Exactly How To Produce Illustrated Books For Amazons's Kindle The Easy Way • 1. Exactly how to research the Kindle marketplace to find HOT niches for your books. Inside Robert Corrigan & Steve King show you the complete market place and how you can research the best niches to produce your own range of "Easy Illustrated Books". • 2. The quick and easy way to producing illustrated books using our bonus templates Watch over the shoulder video training where we produce an illustrated Kindle book with nothing more than a camera phone. Then Robert Corrigan & Steve King show you how to use readily available Public Domain (PD) content to produce your unique own range of illustrated books. • 3. Learn how to effectively list your books on Kindle Watch how to list your books and how to use Amazon's own tools, book websites and Facebook groups to promote your book. Learn the most effective ways of of making sales of your other books.


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