8 what you should Double-check Before sending a Press Release
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8 Things to Double-check Before Submitting a Press Release You take the effort to write a press release and want it to be accepted quickly after submitting. Before taking the submitting step, you should spend a little time to double-check your release to ensure it includes elements of a standard press release and not make common mistakes. Did you miss any details, essential keywords or the desired call-to-action? Is your headline newsworthy enough for publication? We sometimes think that our press release is good enough, but it then is rejected. How do we know whether we have written a news release impressive enough to the public? Double-check is a hard task, and it just holds you a short time, but it does make a difference. We have a checklist of things that helps you to take your press release into consideration and ascertain that it is adequate for submission. Details, Statistics, and Facts All your given information are substantiated with reliable sources. Check all the numbers and stats carefully. Write and spelled names and brands correctly. Clarity, Coherence, and Consistency Proofread your press release very carefully and ensure its content to its entirety is easily understood because not everyone can comprehend what you write though how easy it is to read and understand. Anchor Keyword Links Although your links actually work, linking to a wrong page or a broken link can cause complication for both of you and your viewers. So test out all the links before clicking the submit button. Over-optimization After all the hard work you’ve put into determining what your keyword(s) is to ascertain that they are distributed and put into your press release for maximum on-page SEO. You should not add many keywords in your release (keywords should only be 2-3% of total word count) and ensure that you use a variety of synonymous keywords so that your customers can search and find your brand quickly by provided keywords. Press Release Format Most websites obey a standard press release sample, so remember to format your press release content into several paragraphs, use spaces and hyphens appropriately. Do not leave extra spacing for no clear reason so that it is adequate for any website. Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation There is no excuse for not using spell-check, and even if we are not English majors. Having a complete look at misspellings and grammatical mistakes in your press release. Sometimes you can consciously turn away readers because of those common mistakes. Contact Information Have you ever wonder why people do not call you? Did you make sure that the contact details you gave are all correct? Remember to provide accurate contact information at the bottom of every press release so that reporters and customers can follow up with you and your news. Newsworthy Headline and Summary This is the first thing you should type, and it should be the last item that you check before submitting your release. Ensure that the headline and summary of your press release have the newsworthy elements for publication such as: the subject, the active verb of the subject, the up-to-date news information and the recency of the story. Tags: submit press release, check press release, press release tips & tricks


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